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Evolution Studios is the Seattle-area's first fully equipped hourly rehearsal facility. We are proud to say that we have been serving local, national, and international bands since 1994. Our goal is to provide musicians with a professional, affordable, and comfortable rehearsal studio environment. The convenience of having fully equipped hourly rooms has been an effective solution for many bands, both local and touring. Every studio of ours is outfitted with drum sets (cymbals not included), guitar and bass amps, and a PA system with mics, cables and stands. This fully equipped situation works to your advantage as well as to ours... there's barely any time wasted setting up or breaking down.

Most of the bands at Evolution are performing locally on a regular basis, as well as touring the states and overseas. We take our business very seriously to ensure that our customers are productive while playing here, and feel satisfied with the service provided. We pride ourselves on trying to get to know everyone and find out what specific needs they may have. That's very important to us... after all, we're musicians too!


"If you don't sound good in our rooms you probably just suck!"

Our studios range in size from 14 x 18 ft. up to 20 x 25 ft. All of them are well organized, properly maintained, and have functioning equipment. They are heated, air conditioned and some even have windows. For your convenience, each room is equipped with professional gear from leading manufacturers. We encourage all bands here to play on their own equipment if that's more comfortable for them. Although cymbals are not provided, they are available for rent (please reserve them in advance). To rent any type of equipment that isn't already provided or have special requests, please make arrangements upon scheduling the reservation. We're more than happy to cater to specific needs and unique situations. At the time of reserving a studio, please be aware of our cancellation policy!


Smaller Studios (14 x 18 ft.) ..... $25.00/Hour
Medium Studios (18 x 18 ft.) ..... $30.00/Hour
Largest Studio (20 x 25 ft.) ..... $35.00/Hour

To best accommodate you, we offer several different priced rooms to choose from. We pride ourselves on making all of our studios accessible to everyone with any budget, whether your label covers it, or you're spending your own hard earned money. Having the different sized studios helps us find the right one that suits your specific needs. We require a two hour minimum on all studio bookings. Sometimes special situations may allow us to make exceptions if our schedule permits. Please contact us to discuss further details.

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Business Hours

(subject to change)

The "Please Don't F Us Over" Cancellation Policy.

If you need to cancel or reschedule, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged (equal to 100% of rental amount). This gives us the opportunity to open the room for another band. We appreciate your cooperation.

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If you have any further questions or need more information, please feel free to call us at 425.641.3626 or email at we're always happy to help!

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